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3 Reasons You Need to Hydro Excavate Before Starting Your Construction Project

The process of hydro excavation reduces a lot of unnecessary effects from traditional excavation methods. If you need to excavate an area with sensitive underground utilities, then hydrovac excavation is the best option. Using pressurized water and a powerful 6000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) positive displacement blower system, allows excavation in the toughest conditions, including frozen ground. Hydro excavation is crucial to many projects. Here are some reasons why you must hydro excavate before starting your construction process.

​Safety is the biggest concern when working around underground utilities. One wrong strike with traditional excavation, and you could damage underground power lines, gas lines, water pipes, fiber optics, television, and phone cables. Using hydrovac excavation eliminates the possibility of damage to the utility and prevents accidents.

​Mistakes can be costly! The hydrovac process is a safe and efficient solution for site excavation. Hand digging can take days to expose utilities, adding unwanted cost to any project. GroundBreakers completes thousands of projects per year using only the best equipment, and staffs every job with an operator and field technician. This has helped GroundBreakers earn a reputation for delivering superior services with unrivaled safety, efficiency, and productivity.

​Hydrovac services are applicable on virtually all soil types. When using this type of excavation, it provides a higher level of precision, leading to lesser disposal of materials and accordingly less restoration. Since it does not involve any chemicals, the process is environment-friendly.

When industrial and municipal environments require excavation, consider the benefits hydrovac excavation services provide. It is the number one safe and efficient excavating solution.

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