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Years of Expertise in Hydrovac Services for Various Industries

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Years of Experience and Expertise in Hydrovac Services for Various Industries


Oil and Gas




Environmental Remediation

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Potholing / Daylighting

Potholing is the practice of digging a test hole to expose underground utilities to visually confirm the horizontal and vertical location of the facility.

Utility Locating: Potholing is an essential step in utility locating, as it allows workers to visually confirm the exact location and depth of underground utilities.

Surveying and Mapping: Potholing enables precise mapping and surveying of underground infrastructure.

Maintenance and Repair: Potholing aids in identifying and accessing utilities for maintenance and repair purposes.

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Slot Trenching

Most of the time, slot trenches are between seven inches and one foot wide. They are often used for the installation of pipes, cables or other subsurface utilities.

Precision Excavation: Hydrovac technology allows for precise excavation around splice pits and bell holes. The controlled pressurized water and vacuum suction ensure that only the necessary soil is removed, minimizing the risk of damaging utility lines or surrounding structures.

Enhanced Safety: When it comes to slot trenching, hydrovac technology stands out by significantly enhancing safety. Traditional trenching methods like manual digging or mechanical equipment can pose hazards to both workers and underground utilities. Hydrovac technology mitigates these risks through its non-destructive approach, prioritizing safety on the job.

Improved Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Hydrovac trenching delivers efficiency and costsavings. It typically completes trenching projects faster than conventional methods, leading toshorter project timelines. Reduced reliance on manual labor and the avoidance of expensiverepairs due to accidental damage contribute to significant cost savings. Additionally, thestreamlined clean-up process leaves the work area in better condition for subsequentconstruction or maintenance tasks.

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Splice Pits / Bell Holes

Use hydrovac excavation to safely dig splice pits for electrical cable and bell holes for gas lines for urgent or scheduled repairs.

Precision Excavation: Hydrovac technology allows for precise excavation around splice pits and bell holes. The controlled pressurized water and vacuum suction ensure that only the necessary soil is removed, minimizing the risk of damaging utility lines or surrounding structures.

Safety: Using hydrovac for splice pits and bell holes significantly reduces the risk of accidents. Traditional excavation methods, such as manual digging or mechanical equipment, can posed angers to workers and underground utilities. Hydrovac technology minimizes these risks by using non-destructive techniques.

Time and Cost Efficiency: Hydrovac excavation is generally faster than traditional methods,leading to shorter project timelines. The reduced need for manual labor and potential repairsfrom accidental damage also contributes to cost savings. Additionally, the clean-up process isstreamlined, leaving the workarea in better condition for subsequent construction ormaintenance activities.

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Pole Holes

Pole holes can be excavated using hydro excavation, which involves the use of pressurized waterand a vacuum system to safely break up and remove soil. Here’show hydro excavation is appliedto pole hole excavation:

Minimal Disruption: Hydrovac technology offers the advantage of minimal disruption when excavating pole holes. The controlled water pressure and vacuum suction efficiently remove soil, allowing for precise digging without disturbing the surrounding area or disrupting nearby utilities.

Safety and Avoidance: Hydrovac excavation enhances safety by avoiding the risk of accidental damage to underground utility lines, pipes, and cables. This method reduces the chances of costly repairs, utility outages, and potential hazards to workers.

Speed and Precision: Hydrovac technology enables fast and precise excavation of pole holes. The equipment’s ability to precisely control soil removal speeds up the process, allowing for efficient installation of utility poles. This results in reduced project timelines and associated costs.

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Our hydrovac trucks have the capacity to safely remove and dispose of the drilling mud to keep your production goals.

Efficient Mud Removal: Hydrovac technology is effective at removing bore mud quickly and efficiently. The combination of pressurized water and vacuum suction effectively breaks down and extracts the mud, allowing for a thorough cleanup of boreholes.

Non-Destructive Process: Using hydrovac for bore mud removal is non-destructive, which means there’s minimal risk of damaging the surrounding area or any existing utilities. This is especially important when working in areas where sensitive infrastructure or underground assets are present.

Reduced Manual Labor: Hydrovac technology eliminates the need for labor-intensive manual mud removal methods. This not only increases worker safety by reducing physical strain but also speeds up the cleanup process, leading to shorter project timelines and overall cost savings.

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Foundation Pads​

Holes dug for structural support foundations (varying diameter and depth).

Precise Excavation: Hydrovac technology allows for precise and controlled excavation when preparing foundation pads. The pressurized water and vacuum system can accurately remove soil, ensuring that the foundation pad is excavated to the required dimensions and contours.

Avoiding Utility Interference: Hydrovac excavation minimizes the risk of damaging underground utilities when preparing foundation pads. The non-destructive process reduces the chance of accidentally striking utility lines, preventing costly repairs, and potential service interruptions.

Clean and Efficient Process: Hydrovac technology leaves the work area cleaner compared to traditional excavation methods. The vacuum system effectively removes soil and debris, reducing the need for extensive cleanup after excavation. This leads to a more efficient workflow and shorter project timelines.

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Remote Hydrovac Services​

Remote Digging provides the ability to attach hoses and work remotely from 500+ feet away from the hydrovac truck.

Precision in Tight Spaces: Hydrovac technology offers precise excavation in confined areas such as backyards, interior spaces, and other hard-to-reach locations. The controlled water pressure and vacuum system allow for accurate soil removal without damaging surrounding structures.

Minimized Disruption: Hydrovac excavation minimizes disruption in sensitive areas. Unlike traditional excavation methods, the controlled process avoids excessive noise, vibrations, and mess, making it suitable for residential areas, interior spaces, and locations where disturbance needs to be kept to a minimum.

Reduced Damage Risk: The non-destructive nature of hydrovac technology reduces the risk of accidental damage to utilities, foundations, and existing infrastructure. This is especially important in areas where underground utilities or fragile structures might be present.

Safety First: Hydrovac technology prioritizes safety, making it a reliable choice for challenging locations. The reduced risk of accidents and the enhanced safety measures associated with hydrovac excavation make it suitable for areas where safety is a primary concern.

Versatile Application: Hydrovac equipment can adapt to various excavation needs, from creating foundation pits to accessing utilities inside buildings. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for tackling different excavation challenges in diverse environments.

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Emergency Response

We offer hydro-excavation emergency response 24/7 to ensure we are always available when our clients and the community need us most!

Rapid Response and Precision: Hydrovac technology allows for swift and precise excavation during emergency situations. Its controlled water and vacuum-based excavation method enable quick access to critical underground utilities or structures without the risk of accidental damage, ensuring a rapid response to emergencies.

Enhanced Safety in Sensitive Environments: When responding to emergencies in sensitive or densely populated areas, hydrovac excels at maintaining safety. Unlike traditional excavation methods, hydrovac minimizes the risk of harm to bystanders, infrastructure, and emergency responders, making it an ideal choice for emergency services.

Minimal Disruption and Cleanup: Hydrovac excavation leaves minimal disruption to the surrounding environment, making it ideal for emergencies in urban or congested areas. After the emergency work is complete, the clean-up process is efficient, leaving the area in a condition that is more conducive to post-emergency recovery and restoration efforts.

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Storm Drain Cleaning

Over time, manholes and catch basins fill up with sand, dirt, construction debris, and road runoff. The material starts to add up and eventually needs to be removed.

Thorough Debris Removal: Hydrovac technology ensures thorough cleaning of storm drains by utilizing pressurized water and vacuum suction to effectively remove debris, sediment, and other contaminants. This comprehensive cleaning helps prevent blockages and maintains proper drainage flow, reducing the risk of flooding during heavy rainfall.

Minimal Disruption: Hydrovac cleaning minimizes disruption to traffic and surrounding areas compared to traditional methods. The controlled process avoids the need for heavy machinery or manual labor, reducing noise and disturbance during the cleaning operation.

Non-Destructive and Safe: Hydrovac technology offers a non-destructive cleaning solution for storm drains. It reduces the risk of damaging drain infrastructure, pipes, or utility lines, ensuring that the cleaning process improves drainage efficiency without causing additional maintenance issues.

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